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Computer Repair & Upgrade

BITS repairs & upgrades every kind of computer. We have repaired & upgraded more than 1000 computers & laptops so far and the list includes the names like IBM, Lenovo, HP, Apple iMac, Macbook pro, Macbook Air, Toshiba, Dell, MS Surface Pro, MSI, Samsung, Acer etc.

The few most frequent repair  &  upgrade activities we have done are as follows :

  • Computer upgrade with a Solid State Disk
  • Computer upgrade with extra RAM
  • Windows 10 pro upgrade from Windows 10 home or an older Windows operating system
  • Power supply failure fixed
  • Motherboard repair of iMacs, Macbooks & Laptops
  • Graphic card issues reolved
  • Screen Repair and replacement

Our success rate in this field is more than 95% and our customer testimonials speak ample for us on this.

Computer Repair & Upgrade

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