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Google, Azure & AWS Cloud Service Providers in Australia & NZ

Cloud Service Providers Melbourne
Benchmark IT Services (BITS) provides the GSuite services

We feel proud to become a leading Google Cloud service provider in Australia and New Zealand. We understand that your organization will deal with unique challenges on its cloud journey.
We help to meet those challenges through our effective & affordable Google Cloud services because the cloud is the 21st century.

Cloud Solution Provider Melbourne
Benchmark IT Services (BITS) provides the GSuite services

What Makes Us Different from Others ?

  • Innovative and customized services- you pay for the service you need.
  • Providing next-generation IT services to help you adopt advanced technologies & getting most out of them.
  • Aiming to provide the best customer experience from day one to daily management operations.

Google, Azure, AWS Cloud Services in Australia & NZ

On-Demand Performance, every time

We are committed to serving complete cloud deployments using Google cloud, Microsoft Azure or AWS services. Google cloud that also includes GSuite under the enterprise and business subscriptions is emerging as a leader for the email hosting solution. We help the businesses to establish cloud infrastructure, setup cloud hosting, VM deployment on a cloud, migration of the data, Machine management, and solve other related technical support issues. Enable your team to spend time in production rather than wiring things together.

Scale Your Business

Your IT needs may vary depending on your goals. Why invest much in setting up servers, storage, and manpower when Cloud computing services will provide you all. You will pay what you are getting by choosing for Googe Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Consult us to deploy, support and manage your cloud.

Work Unitedly with Easy Collaboration

Working on the cloud gives you the flexibility to share documents with the team, stay updated with events and collaborate with teams from anywhere in real-time. Our diligent team will help you set up a sophisticated Google cloud environment.

Secure Your Data from The Core

Your data is saved in the cloud. No threat of viruses and malware attacks. No machine-based security breaching incidents. Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure maintains strict compliance with global data security.

Big Data & Machine Learning

An integrated, server less Big Data platform for data-driven apps. Google Cloud provides end to end Big Data solutions to process, capture, analyze, and store your data in a single platform. Our aim is to let you familiar with Google Cloud Big Data so that you can get the most out of it.

Our Google Cloud Partner Services in Australia & New Zealand

Training Workshops

Arrange remote or in-house training to operate Google Cloud for your employees. Educate them with Google services for businesses and enterprises.

Data Migration & Syncing Solutions

Leave your data migration worry behind. BITS offers data migration in all four storage classes- multi-regional, regional, nearline and coldline. Unlimited storage is offered. Your data is safe on the cloud no matter your system gets corrupted.

Managed Services

Ready to provide 24/7 support desk and managed services for various Google Cloud platforms such as Google BigQuery, Google Container Engine, and Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Cloud Storage

We have cheaper cloud storage plans for your business. Our Google cloud services in Australia keeps your data safe in the cloud. We assist you in storing data in four distinct storage classes-
I. Regional Storage
II. Multi-Regional Storage
III. Nearline Storage
IV. Coldline Storage

Google Cloud Hosting

Our well-managed GCE hosting lets you get an unmatched Google cloud hosting experience. Host unlimited apps on managed Google web hosting. Our team of GCE cloud experts will resolve your GCE concerns and help you run the site without downtime.

API-Driven Business

Our API management support helps to monetize business assets. We enable you to develop and manage complex APIs without coding. Quickly build secure API proxies and process an API with just a few clicks. Connects with hundreds of apps and data stores.
To learn more about our services, feel free to drop an email or call us at info@benchmarkitservices.com

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