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The following are questions that customers often have, the first question is most common

Ways To Avoid Costly Data Recovery

Backup Your Files to Avoid Costly Data Recovery Each year, many individuals and Brisbane businesses alike lose important files as a result of hard drive failure. These files include photos,…

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The Best Anti Virus Software For PC Windows & Mac – A Computer Technicians Perspective

The Best Antivirus Software For PC A Computer Technicians’ Perspective We’ve Tested & Compared The Best Antivirus Software For PC & Mac in Australia.

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Methods Of Recovering Data From A Hard Drive

So What Are The Methods Of Recovering Data For Brisbane Businesses? Computer Fixperts, which is a Brisbane data recovery business outlines below in this article the many available methods of recovering data…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Managed Services Providers, often called as MSPs?

Managed Services Providers or as we call Managed IT Services Provider in our case, are the specialized firms who have the capability to manage all of your IT infrastructure such that you can completely focus on your core business that is Sales or Marketing without ever worrying for your complex IT requirements and issues.

What specific points I should consider when I look for a MSP for my business?

Although the MSP industry in itself is very managed and reliable especially because it needs people with a high level of problem solving skills and intelligence to understand complex technologies, there is still some room for error. Having a MSP is like having a partner for long term. Ideally, you should be able to see the below qualities in a MSP of your choice:

  1. Industry Association: Every industry has issues specific to them only. There are MSPs who still do not have the exposure to a wide array of industries. Talk to them and see if they have existing happy customer from your industry.
  2. Google Reviews: While the reviews can be altered on some platforms, Google has been the best source of authentic reviews. Refer to them when you plan to finalize a MSP
  3. Foresightedness: Have a detailed chat with your MSP on how do they see the technology is evolving and how would they ensure your business will remain scalable in terms of technology without any hassle. Someone can push you into a solution that may perhaps not go with your future business needs. Be open and don’t hesitate to ask questions
  4. Integrity: Last but not the least, have some references, check their profile until you are satisfied. Integrity is the key to this business.

Why would I want to use you when I could go to a bigger brand like Melbourne IT??

Offering a personal service is top of our list; you will speak directly to the person working on your IT issues so you can explain the situation in detail. We turnaround repairs quickly, we don’t send anything away to service centres and we don’t quote 2+ days for resolving the issue. We don’t charge any upfront costs, you only pay for work once it’s completed and when you are happy with it.

Can you provide both on-site as well as off-site support services?

Absolutely, we have the capability of responding to your IT issues instantly and to do so we have the technology backing of ZOHO, Team Viewer, Google, Microsoft and Avast to even work remotely when you are bit too far for the moment!

I’m worried about my data, is it safe?

We will always take great care in looking after your data. We conform to the Data Protection Act and any data we hold is held in strict confidence. We undertake work for a number of local businesses including solicitors and high street shops and understand how important personal data is. Any customer data that is stored is always stored password protected and in encrypted format. We always advise if possible you take a backup of any data on your computer prior to any work being undertaken and we can discuss any backup options with you if needed.

What are the signs of logical data loss?

It is not related to physical damage of any kind. Common causes of logical data loss are software malfunctions, user error, viruses, and other malicious programs.

How does the Data Recovery process work?

 Helps to recover back any kind of data including docs, images, emails, Reckon, quickbooks, Xero, family tree or any other specific software related data etc.
 Ensure if your system has any hardware damage then that is corrected

 Assist to locate any logical error

 Perform system stability tests to ensure the data remains safe

 Remove any trojan or malware that could cause harm to the current data

Do you provide recovery of MAC OS?

Yes, infact we provide recovery of data for Apple Mac, Windows, Linux, and Novell platforms.

How long does a data recovery process go for?

It is difficult to comment on an exact time of data recovery. On an average, the Stage-1 recovery can be done within 72 hours in most cases. Data recovery from hard drives may take about 7-10 business days, usually in Stage-2.

Stage-3 recovery, which is less than 1% of the total cases, can take anywhere between 3-4 weeks.

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