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Data Backup & Recovery

In the current times, it is the Data that is the most critical for any business to operate and grow. In the case of a disaster when the company’s “Data” is lost or compromised, the businesses often will have to pay heavily. You must have already heard several stories about the “Ransomware” hitting the company’s server and encrypting the files, well, the stories are for real.
BITS provide with the complete Data backup and recovery solutions that will ensure that the business continues to be in operation in case a disaster strikes. We are partnered with Google and Azure for the most advanced cloud based data backup solutions. In addition we also provide the onsite virtualization solutions for a business to have the least downtime when the computer crashes.
Our in-house developed backup solution based on Google cloud, effectively controls the versioning of each file and optimizes the cloud space so that it doesn’t cost even a penny more than what you need to pay. We have the solutions for every platform, be it Mac or Windows or even your Linux based servers. Our data backup & recovery solutions are there to protect your business interests.

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