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Cyber Security

In the digitally connected world of today, almost no information is as private as it is believed to be. There are massive vulnerabilities in the way the people use their computers, their network and their social media. The hackers sitting in the world of dark web know that very well. They prey on your innocence and infect your computers with deadly Trojans and viruses through internet, browser and emails.

BITS recognizes these vulnerabilities very well and through its helps the users fill all those gaps by using the following tactics :

  1. Penetration Testing
  2. Malware scan and quarantine
  3. End Point Security with Firewalls and Antivirus
  4. Server security with Firewalls and Multi-factor authentication
  5. System Image Backup & Restore through Virtualization technology
  6. Continuous Network Monitoring
  7. Cyber Forensics

BITS is partnered with an industry leader ESET to deliver its managed services for network security. With ESET, we also provide the “Smart Security” & “Internet Security” modules to deliver the complete end-point security solution. In addition, our team well trained on advanced Wirelss technologies provide secure connectivity solutions using Ubiquity, Juniper, Cisco, D-Link and other platforms.

Cyber Security

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